Easy management of the GDPR

Is your business and customer data safe?
We offer you all the tools you need to comply with the GDPR.

Pro Tools for DPO

Do you still use Excel files and store the data on your pc?

We give you a multi-user web-based application that processes registries and DPIAs !


Data security

By complying with the GDPR, you avoid legal problems and assure your customers of the security of their personal data.

The solution for you

Simple and effective tools for rapid management of your compliance. Quick and professional results first and foremost.

Complete and affordable

A professional quality by going straight to the point. No need to be an expert to get a quality result.

Compliance with GDPR

Easily manage your compliance now: 24/7 support via chatbot and knowledge base.

I am a DPO - What are my advantages?

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Am I concerned by the GDPR ?

All companies, associations and self-employed persons who collect and process the data of natural persons located on the territory of the European Union are concerned. This regulation applies to all data processing activities related to the offer of goods or services (free or not) to individuals resident in the European Union.

GDPR4You provides you with a concrete and easy to apply solution for the management of personal data. The GDPR is explained to you, a method to ensure your legal compliance is described to you and the necessary tools are provided.

I want to comply with the GDPR quickly and easily !