General terms and conditions

Article 1: Generalities

Article 1.1 : Taking effect

The present conditions take effect as soon as the client agrees to the offer made by GDPR4You SPRL, whether by post, e-mail or fax, or as soon as a document signed by the client or a representative appointed by the client is received. The conditions listed in this document are applicable to the entire offer as well as to any other mission carried out by GDPR4You SPRL for the same client.

ARTICLE 1.2 : Applicability of general conditions

The natural or legal person who signs or returns an order in writing (including confirmation by e-mail and via our invoice/discount software) or verbally is considered the customer and is liable for payment of the invoice, even if the invoice is to be issued in the name of a third party. The contractual relationship is governed by these General Terms and Conditions unless the contract/purchase order expressly states otherwise; the application of other contractual terms and conditions, e.g. the customer’s general terms and conditions, is explicitly excluded by the parties. Verbal commitments are only binding for GDPR4YOU SPRL after written and duly signed confirmation.

Article 2: Data processing and privacy

Article 2.1: GDPR Compliance

GDPR4You SPRL carries out its mission in compliance with the GDPR (General Regulations for the Protection of Personal Data). GDPR4You SPRL informs the client of his rights and his duty to comply with the GDPR.

Article 2.2: Information gathered during the mission

The client is free to use the results of the assignment, once he has paid the full price. Within the framework of his free use of the results of the mission, the client may, under his sole responsibility, complete, modify or rectify them. The client does not acquire any property on any information acquired or know-how developed by GDPR4You SPRL in the course of this mission, but only a non-exclusive right of use.

Article 2.3 : Publication and reference

The client may not communicate to a third party, even free of charge, all or part of the information acquired or know-how developed by GDPR4You SPRL in the context of the assignment, nor may he reproduce it without the express prior consent of GDPR4You SPRL. GDPR4You SPRL is obliged to the same prohibition under the same conditions, unless the client has given his permission. However, GDPR4You SPRL may use the name of the client as a commercial reference.

Article 2.4 : Using internal tools at GDPR4YouSPRL

The intellectual rights attached to the software, reports, designs, methodologies, materials and information developed remain the property of GDPR4You SPRL and can in no case be exploited for commercial purposes by the client.

The intellectual rights attached to the software, reports, designs, methodologies, materials and information developed remain the property of GDPR4You SPRL and can in no case be exploited for commercial purposes by the client.

ARTICLE 2.5 : Privacy

GDPR4You SPRL and the client undertake to keep confidential all information and documents concerning the other party, of any nature whatsoever, whether economic, technical, etc., to which they may have had access during the execution of the contract. Both parties shall take all necessary measures with regard to their staff to ensure, under their responsibility, the secrecy and confidentiality of all documents and information referred to in the above paragraph. The clauses of the contract and its annexes, between GDPR4You SPRL and the client, are deemed to be confidential and, as such, they may not be published or communicated to unauthorized third parties.

The personal data relating to both the Client and GDPR4YOU SPRL, collected through the forms, and any future information, are intended only for the execution of this contract and communications between the parties, and are not subject to any communication or transfer to third parties, other than technical service providers if necessary. GDPR4YOU SPRL and the Client are obliged to respect the confidentiality of the information and to use it only to the extent that and insofar as it is necessary for the execution of this contract.

Article 3: Poaching – Hiring

GDPR4YOU SPRL and the client undertake not to hire or employ the staff of the other party involved in the execution of the contract during the entire period of execution of the contract and for one year after the termination of the contractual relationship.

ARTICLE 4: Engagement

GDPR4YOU SPRL undertakes to perform its obligations with all the care customary in its profession and to use the rules of the art of the moment. Should this not be the case, it is expressly agreed that, taking into account the object of the contract relating to the performance of an assignment, GDPR4YOUSPRL is bound by an obligation of means. Finally, all costs incurred by the late submission of customer data useful for the proper conduct of the contract will be borne by the customer.

ARTICLE 5 : Purpose of the services

The customer who orders to GDPR4YOU SPRL the creation of a website is deemed, unless otherwise stipulated on the order form, to order all the following services: prior consultation, purchase of domain name, creation of email accounts, website creation and hosting of the site. As an option, maintenance, optional services, subscriptions and technical support may be subject to an additional contract. Optionally, pages or applications on social networks can also be created. These different services will be governed, except in the case of express derogations, by the following rules which each party accepts:

ARTICLE 5.1 : Consultancy

The Client defines in detail his needs and expectations allowing GDPR4YOU SPRL to establish an estimate including the specificities of the future website. After acceptance of the estimate and payment of the deposit, GDPR4YOU SPRL elaborates the detailed structure of the site. The Client actively collaborates in the elaboration of this project by bringing to GDPR4YOU SPRL all the relevant elements in the elaboration of the project. The Client is bound by the specifics accepted in the quotation. GDPR4YOU SPRL will in no case be bound by any expectations or wishes of the Client that have not been expressly mentioned in the accepted quote. If the Client nevertheless wishes to change these specificities, a new estimate must be established and accepted. This new quotation will take into account not only the price of the new project but also the price of the consultancy for the first project. If the Client does not accept any of the projects proposed by GDPR4YOU SPRL and decides to abandon the creation of the website or to change the service provider, GDPR4YOU SPRL will invoice the Client for the consultancy services performed, plus any costs incurred by GDPR4YOU SPRL (domain name reservation, …). The deposit paid by the Customer remains in any case acquired to GDPR4YOU SPRL.

ARTICLE 5.2 : Buying a domain name

At the request of the client, GDPR4You SPRL will reserve one or more domain names. These will be reserved in the name of GDPR4YOU SPRL which undertakes to return them, in the context of a transfer of the website to a third party, at the written request of the client, provided that the accounting balance is zero. This transfer is carried out according to the methods described in article 5.6.

ARTICLE 5.3 Creating the site

The quote specifies the number of static and dynamic pages that the future site will include. Each page created will be given the status of ‘static’ or ‘dynamic’ page and will therefore be subject to the following regime:

  • Static pages: Static pages are created by GDPR4YOU SPRL by integrating the content provided by the client. The Client will not have the possibility to modify this content himself later on. He will contact GDPR4YOU SPRL which will invoice him for these modifications.
  • Dynamic pages: GDPR4YOU SPRL provides the customer with web pages without content but structured and laid out. The Client receives the access codes allowing him to insert remotely in these pages the content he wants.