The first assessments fall on the application of the GDPR in Belgium and we learn that only 1,331 data leaks have been counted. Would Belgium be a better pupil than its neighbours?

In the Netherlands, more than 40,000 data leaks have been reported since May 2018. Only 1,331 leaks have been reported in Belgium. At the top of the list is the Netherlands, followed by Germany and the United Kingdom with 40,647, 37,636 and 22,181 notifications respectively. Belgium appears to be a model country. However, for a leak to be counted, it must be reported. This is not always the case despite the legal obligation to do so. Culturally, some countries play the transparency game, while others do not. Curiously, Italy recorded only 1,886 notifications of data leaks, which is particularly low for a country of 62 million inhabitants.

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